Dear Colleagues,

I need your assistance for a few minutes. The ILA has agreed to publish an article regarding the Teaching Followers Courage online community and my new book, A Celebration of Followership. To add value for other ILA members reading the article, please briefly answer the three questions below. I will use these responses to highlight the increased acceptance of followership, challenges we still face in elevating it, tactics that successfully address these challenges, and how this new book can help followership advocates strengthen the case for a greater balance in followership and leadership development. Thank you in advance for your help.

Ira Chaleff

ACOF Questionnnaire
Q1 - How has the acceptance of followership in your field improved in the last few years? (e.g. Is it now incorporated into leadership curriculum, have you had a dissertation topic on followership approved, are you weaving it into workshops for your clients)?
Q2 - What were the barriers to doing this and what helped you overcome them?
Q3 - How would you use a book documenting the acceptance of followership across a wide range of sectors to further gain support for followership research and for teaching followership theory and skills?