Alain de Sales

Evaluating Followership Awareness among Florida High School’s National FFA Chapters’ Leadership Teams

Although respondents strongly perceived followership skills, they were unfamiliar with the term. Some respondents alluded to an opportunity to learn followership skills. One way to share/promote followership with students was to establish a student organization on campus and use agriculture to encourage the leadership process. Our Motto – Built with Students for Students.

How do you develop the Courageous Habit?

If you ever looked in awe at the courage that some people bring to their lives. This article explains the importance of courage in our lives and how we can go about developing it taking lessons from ancient philosophy and emerging research.

Improve Teaching Courage (18th August Webinar)

We will have the pleasure of learning how to teach followership from Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha. Claudia has worked with top political leaders, CEOs and renowned thinkers to create positive changes, in Europe and around the world. She will share her experience teaching Followership at the EU institutions, challenges, good practices and some lessons learnt.

Introduce Yourself

Dear Colleagues, I hope you have been keeping well in the last few months. Thank you for the feedback you provided to develop our resource. With this platform we will be able to further...

Launch Event (31st July 2020)

UPDATE: For those that missed the event, you can find a recording here. Dear Community Members, Please join us this Friday the 31st of July 2020 at 09:00 hrs US Eastern Daylight Savings Time....

Invictus Participate in Transformation

This video is an excellent example of how a follower participates in transformation even when they do not agree with the leader. It also highlights how the leader respectfully shares his vision for the...

Tango shows us the Leader-Follower Dynamic

The beautiful Argentinian dance, Tango, is the perfect metaphor for the dynamic between leaders and followers. To understand this dynamic, watch this video, listen to Ira’s explanation of it.

Constructive Dissent

This video is a great example of the importance of courageous followership with constructive dissent (This is available on YouTube, unclear if it is under copyright).

Running with Scissors: Leading in Uncertainty

This is a book that contains chapters from several authors (including fellow alumnus Alain de Sales) and tackles followership and leadership in uncertain, dynamic and multicultural environments. Visit this site to know more about...

Intelligent Disobedience

Intelligent Disobedience is an important concept that has been discussed by both Ira and fellow alumnus Bob McGannon in their books on the topic. You can find out more about their books on Intelligent...