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Here you will find our Community’s archived webinars.

Evaluating Followership Awareness among Florida High School’s National FFA Chapters’ Leadership Teams

Although respondents strongly perceived followership skills, they were unfamiliar with the term. Some respondents alluded to an opportunity to learn followership skills. One way to share/promote followership with students was to establish a student organization on campus and use agriculture to encourage the leadership process. Our Motto – Built with Students for Students.

The Courage to Support (Janice Shack-Marquez)

In this webinar, our presenter Janice Shack-Marquez shares her insights around The Courage to Support, how to exercise power and influence from the followership role – in particular from the #2 position, and how self-advocacy can co-exist harmoniously alongside supportive followership.

Courageous Followership in Crisis (Wajeeha Ghias)

The Webinar provided an insight to celebrate Courageous Followership in context of Ernest Shackleton Antarctic Expedition (1914). This webinar session was designed to analyze “Shackleton Series” from Courageous followership Lens (Inspired by Training Session...

Followership in Professional Development Training (Brian Rook)

An insider’s view of the followership curricula and programming developed by Brian Rook while working in the healthcare sector, and which he now teaches “to wild success” in other types of organizations. He’ll also share a method of coaching followership that he’s currently exploring within mentoring relationships.

The Importance of Being a Follower (Barbara Kellerman)

In this presentation, Barbara Kellerman addresses how it behoves those of us persuaded that followers matter to take a broad approach. This means that in addition to teaching how to follow wisely and well, addressing followership as a subject of study, in and of itself.

One Year Celebration and Planning for Next Year

After launching the community in July 2020, we look back on the year that was and the year to come. Hosted by Alain de Sales and Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha, this webinar includes a celebration of our moments together through forming the community in lockdown and a high-level planning discussion for the next 12 months.

How do followers stand up to destructive leaders (Alain de Sales)

Alain de Sales, Ph.D. examines how courageous followers successfully and unsuccessfully stand up to destructive leadership. Committed to exploring how we as followers can improve outcomes, Alain de Sales studied 70 events within destructive leadership episodes and examined courageous follower behaviours that helped shift the power balance against those leaders. These events spanned 15 to 20-year periods across business, politics, and social movements.

Dance Inspired Followership Principles – 21st October 2020 Webinar (Sharna Fabiano)

This webinar featured Sharna Fabiano. She is an internationally recognized Tango artist-turned life coach. Sharna collaborated with Ira in 2008 to create the Courageous Follower Tango video that you may be familiar with. Here she shares her recent experiences coaching small groups of educators and other professionals through the dance-inspired followership principles in her book “Lead & Follow”.