Here are videos and other media that you can use when you are teaching courageous followership. These videos provide clear examples of followership. Several of them Ira has already given us in his workshops. We encourage you to suggest and share other resources or ask for help in the forum here.

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Invictus Participate in Transformation

This video is an excellent example of how a follower participates in transformation even when they do not agree with the leader. It also highlights how the leader respectfully shares his vision for the...

Tango shows us the Leader-Follower Dynamic

The beautiful Argentinian dance, Tango, is the perfect metaphor for the dynamic between leaders and followers. To understand this dynamic, watch this video, listen to Ira’s explanation of it.

Constructive Dissent

This video is a great example of the importance of courageous followership with constructive dissent (This is available on YouTube, unclear if it is under copyright).